That’s right…an unexpected call from Clyde Lewis, host of the national three-hour radio show, Ground Zero, and suddenly Michael Knight is going to be asking people around the country what they are doing to be prepared…and for what? 
Who the heck is Michael Knight you might ask –

Well, he’s an experienced preparedness consultant and independent journalist, and the organizer of the team behind the creation of the new Ground Zero preparedness store at

Tonight’s show is going to be asking some very important questions – and revealing some  very unusual information about what’s coming up, very soon.

We’ll be inviting people to call in from all around the country, because we’ll be asking What are the  issues that have people’s attention?

What is recommended in the way of preparedness basics?

Is December 21 2012 – which is only a few weeks away – really “the end?” (Not).

Why are the Mayans – descendants of those who constructed the Mayan Calendar – concerned about the Hadron Collider and serious fracturing of the world’s tectonic plates?

Is there really a “shift in consciousness” as so many people seem to be feeling lately. And why be prepared for that anyway?

How about –  black budget programs, aliens, UFOs, space wars, failed military hypersonic missile tests…coronal mass ejections (CMEs) and possible disruptions to the grid?

Why has Barack Obama put out a press statement about “internal threats” – and why has the mainstream media totally ignored it?

Should we be prepared for martial law – and what would that look like?

How close are we to a nuclear accident in the United States?

What’s happening with the Mississippi running dry…and why?

How will that affect river transport…and eventually, you, the consumer.

All this and more tonight on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis.

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The show airs from 7 to midnight Pacific Time.

Call and ask questions…or discuss whatever’s on your mind …

Best wishes.

Michael Knight.